The mission of the United States Public Service Academy is to build a corps of civilian leaders who have the moral character, academic training, and leadership experience necessary to serve the American people honorably and effectively, and who are committed to devoting their lives to public service.

The Academy is dedicated to creating a corps of passionate and patriotic civilian leaders willing to devote themselves to the pursuit of academic excellence, civic engagement, and leadership through public service. The Academy seeks to develop students who pursue the highest ideals of human character and the American values of freedom, democracy, and equal opportunity; strive for individual excellence yet feel a personal responsibility to achieve the common good; and appreciate their rights and uphold their responsibilities as citizens of the United States. As an academic institution, the Academy is committed to free and open inquiry, free expression of ideas, and the pursuit of truth. As a public institution, the Academy strives to connect the classroom and community through a consistent commitment not only to creating knowledge but also to sharing and applying that knowledge to serve the American public and world at large. As a national institution, the Academy endeavors to build a corps of civilian leaders willing and able to confront the challenges that face this country in the future.